FIFA22 重回FIFA 11 MOD[含球员、球队和联赛等等]

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由玩家FIFAMAN分享的FIFA22 重回FIFA 11 MOD,含更多超过 15,000 名球员、589 支球队和820 个真实脸型,联赛等等。

FIFAMAN has made a FIFA 11 Remaster! On the FIFA 22 game engine. Bringing back all the players, teams and leagues from FIFA 11 to the modern FIFA 22! In Alpha version you can only play in quick match mode.

重要提示:Before installing this mod, to avoid any conflicts and to avoid losing line-up progress or career saves, move all files from Documents/FIFA 22/Settings to another safe place/folder. File lineups is not attached to the mod, but built into it, so if the game does not show players reset in the personalization menu

More than 15,000 players
Every single player that was in FIFA 11 is now in FIFA 22 in this mod. With the same features he had in FIFA 11. Including all components, down to the last detail. Position, strength, technique, speed, agility, dribbling, manner of play and much more is now in modern game!

589 teams
Added 181 teams not in FIFA 22 for various reasons, relegated to lower divisions, no league itself, bankruptcy, etc.

820 Realistic Faces
There are only 820 realistic faces in the Alpha version so far, even in FIFA 11 itself there were only about 600. And this list will be updated. Only the TOP leagues are represented

ENGLAND - 283 faces
SPAIN - 159 faces
FRANCE - 141 faces
GERMANY - 133 persons
ITALY - 104 persons
All Leagues
All leagues are exactly as they were in FIFA 11, without any scaling. That means you will see Russian and Czech leagues, as well as the Serie B. But other leagues have been taken out, e.g. Championship Romania (which wasn't in FIFA 11).

Made a form for the teams in 2011 for England and Russia, for Barcelona and Real Madrid, then the form will only be in the top leagues. All other teams will stay with the forms they have in FIFA 22

New design in the game menu and FIFA 11 icons with intro video have been added. Realistic 2011 logos have been implemented in all championships, many new teams have got real logos (they had fictitious ones in FIFA 11) and more


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